Creating ExtraOrdinary Teachers

Multiple Intelligences in the Classroom and Beyond!

‘Branton Shearer, a psychologist with expertise in assessment, and Mike Fleetham, a master teacher and teacher educator, have combined their respective areas of expertise in teaching, leadership, and multiple intelligences. Their book is provocative, practical, and disarmingly personal.’
Professor Howard Gardner, Harvard University

Extra-ordinary teachers are leaders; extra-ordinary teachers inspire others; extra-ordinary teachers actively enrich what they do and help others to achieve their full potential. An extra-ordinary teacher celebrates when students become self-direct leaders. An extra-ordinary teacher is proud when students’ knowledge surpasses his own. An extra-ordinary teacher smiles when her learners independently make it in life, using the skills and qualities that she has instilled in them. Extra-ordinary teachers are in the business of creating confident, successful and well-rounded citizens of 21st century.

On our ordinary days, we plod through the mechanics of teaching. We live from one pay check to the next. Teaching feels like merely a job rather than a vocation and the countdown to the closest holiday is paramount. When we are ordinary, we are passive and are prone to cynicism and succumbing to the dreaded burn out. When that happens we're lost in the chaulk dust, ensnared in the wired classroom, and baffled by the most ordinary of dilemmas. We've lost all sense of what an extra special profession that teaching is.

Any teacher can be extra-ordinary. Any teacher can be ordinary. Any teacher can be a leader; any teacher can be a follower. Most, if we think back, will have been all of these during their career - and for a variety of reasons: circumstances can be destructive or nurturing; opportunities can be relevant or meaningless. Sometimes we have control over our professional and personal situations; sometimes we don’t.

This book is about taking (or taking back) control of your own teaching journey and discovering (or rediscovering!) the joy of helping others to learn and grow. It’s about discovering the leader within you and enriching those skills and qualities. It’s for anybody who is charge of any type of learning, in any organization, and who wants to get better at what they do. It’s based on nearly 20 years of research by American educator Dr Branton Shearer and its interpretation in the UK by Mike Fleetham. Both authors are advocates of Professor Howard Gardner’s theory of Multiple Intelligences (MI) and use it in their day to day work. Although the tools and techniques presented here are inspired by MI, they are not restricted to it. You don’t have to be a champion of MI to take value from these pages.

This book provides a dynamic road map for school's leadership team to help them navigate together the trials and tribulations of creating extra-ordinary schools, classrooms and learning experiences.

The chapters of this book provide an easy-to-follow GPS to build a supportive team of teachers, individual achievement and creative culture of high powered learning.

How will you benefit?
  • Enhance your leadership abilities
  • Create dynamic professional development experiences
  • Discover latent leadership abilities in your most challenging students
  • Bring out the best in your most academically able students
  • Cultivate a school culture that promotes intrinsic motivation
  • Inoculate yourself and your colleagues against the plague of burn-out!
  • learn more

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